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Smartphones to dominate PCs in Gartner forecast

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Smartphones to dominate PCs in Gartner forecast.

According to the Gartner forecast, it was revealed that Mobile phones is to overtake PC as browsers by 2013.

Gazing into the future with Gartner, what can we expect in the world of tech?

The research firm recently revealed its forecast for 2010 and beyond, envisioning a world where more of us live and breathe online and more often through our smartphones than our PCs.

Although the predictions target Gartner's corporate clients, most will certainly affect smaller businesses and consumers too.

"As organizations make plans to navigate the economic recovery and prepare for the return to growth, our predictions for 2010 focus on the impact of critical changes in the balance of control and power in IT," Brian Gammage, a Gartner vice president, said in a statement. "With greater financial and regulatory oversight for all IT investment decisions, few organizations will be unaffected."

With virtualization and cloud computing gaining more of a grip on the business world, up to 20 percent of companies will own no IT assets of their own by 2012, predicts Gartner. Also driving this future will be the trend of employees using their own personal PCs on the job. As technology ownership shifts toward third parties, Gartner expects that IT budgets will likely dwindle or be refocused onto more critical and strategic projects. Support staff may also need to be cut or retrained to focus on the new business requirements.

Interesting. I think it will happen sooner because China/Asia is expanding very fast, much faster than anywhere in the world.

However this will only work if website are updated to work with mobile browsers for fast loading/surfing. Otherwise content heavy websites on mobile wouldn't work very well...

[Via: CNet News Business Tech]
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