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I have a Samsung Omnia i910, the problem I have is not being able to access certain secure websites while using the browser though the data connection (EVDO) I submitted a trouble ticket with my provider and they are still looking into it. It is however something they do not really support.

I can use my browser and log in fine to sites such as cibc online banking. I however cannot log into other banking sites or certain email sites while connected via the EVDO connection. I was told its a browser issue first off, but tested it by shutting off the EVDO connection and connecting to a wireless access point using the phones built in WIFI. when connected though the wifi the browser (opera in this case) loads the page fine(as fine as a small webbrowser load it) when connected with the EVDO Data connection it will just immediately log me out of the site im trying to get to, here are a couple examples www.sasktel.net webmail.shaw.ca

The only commonality I could find between sites I can access and cant access is viewing the page info in firefox the Render mode of sites I cannot access is Quirky mode the Render mode of the sites I can access are Standard compliance mode.

While my provider looks further into this, I was wondering if anyone knew if the phone identifies it self differently when connected to data as opposed to WIFI?

I am not talking about the option in Opera to change between mobile an desktop as same problem occurs in both modes. I am thinking more of a registry file that has an identifier in it?

If you have any questions please let me know this is not extremely important but I would really appreciate any help on it whatsoever.

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