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'MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 40 - The software buzz' is now live!

Guest PaulOBrien

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Chris and I are proud to present the MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 40 - The software buzz!

Sharing our views, activities and the news in this week's mobile world.

In this weeks ~45 minute edition, recently rebranded as the MoDaCo Mobile Week, we're talking about:

  • Our superetrader.co.uk sponsored device - the Motorola Milestone
  • The Archos 5 with Android
  • Google Buzz
  • The SlingPlayer update
  • The Resco Explorer update
  • LastPass and MoDaCo Plus

    To coincide with the Motorola Milestone as the MoDaCo Mobile Week featured device, Superetrader are offering the Milestone with a dock, carry case and pack of 6 screen protectors included at the standard £389.99 price! This deal is for podcast listeners only, visit the offer page for more details!

    As with all our shows, this episode is available in standard MP3 format or as an enhanced M4A format with chapters, images and links for use on an iPod or in iTunes - we are currently having issues with the enhanced version upload, this will follow soon. You can get the podcast in the following ways:

    • Direct download from the downloads section of the site
    • Via iTunes (search for MoDaCo!)
    • Via RSS with enclosures - simply add http://feeds.feedburner.com/MoDaCoPodcast (regular) or http://feeds.feedburner.com/MoDaCoPodcastEnhanced (enhanced) to the reader of your choice
    • Your feedback is really valuable and will tell us whether it is worth our while to continue running the podcasts! Do you listen? What do you like? What do you not like? Please leave your feedback in the comments below, or on the phone in number answerphone (which you can also use for questions for the podcast), or rate us on iTunes!

      The phone in number is:

      UK: 01379 888 101 NON UK: +44 1379 888 101

      You can also leave a voicemail via Skype by calling:

      skype user "modaco"

      Enjoy! ;)

      You can listen to this weeks show here:

      Link for enclosure purposes: http://angel.modaco.com/podcast/mmw-fourty.mp3

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Funniest part was Chris talking about the Archos 5 "There's never a time when I'm on my laptop and I wish this was half and size and had no keyboard"

Looking forward to see price for Archos 7.

Nice to hear about Milestone. Sounds like you both love it. Contract up for renewal in 3 weeks so this will probably be the phone for me.

Don't suppose you have heard anything about Milestone coming to T-mobile UK.

Good podcast anyway.

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