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i907/i780 + QPST: need some help

Guest plumsauce

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Guest plumsauce


I am looking for help to access a Samsung Epix i907 with QPST.

The environment is:

QPST builds 323/343

Windows 2000

stock Samsung USB drivers

stock Samsung USB cable (APCBS10BBE) from Blackjack II

generic aftermarket USB cable

no Activesync

Samsung/ATT Epix i907

The result is:

Samsung Modem shows up on connection

Samsung Diagnostic Serial port shows up

ports are selectable in QPST configuration manager

but, of course no phone is recognised

What has been tried before connecting:

remove sim

remove microsd

run testmode.exe

run dmsessioninit.exe

use debug menu to enter test mode



Any hints would be appreciated.

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