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Ipaq and LG Bluetooth Modem

Guest Sparky2k

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Guest Sparky2k

Hi Forum!

I have an HP IPAQ 4155 which I bought in about 2003. http://www.pdasupport.com/Ipaq4155.htm I have recently updated the rom to the latest v1.1 and back then I used to use the bluetooth modem to dial the internet using my sony ericsson mobile phone with Virgin Mobile. But In never used that method for years until today.

This device itself works perfectly in every way with wifi and bluetooth and I am still pleased with it, even though the memory is small and the battery life could be improved.

I tried today to reconnect it to the internet using my bluetooth modem and my Virgin LG KC550 mobile phone. I called virgin for assistance and their excellent customer service stayed with me for about an hour trying many settings, but to no avail.

The old way I used to connect was with a normal dial up telephone number, however this has now changed to a *999# or *99#.

The call tries to connect but just says that it cannot for an "unknown reason". Virgin supplied me with a command string to send to the modem consisting of –


Which I have no doubt is correct, but I still cannot connect.

Does anyone have any experience with this procedure and is successfully using this system for connecting to the internet?

I would appreciate any suggestions to get this working.

Thanks and Regards


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