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ovi's WinDroid Project! V1.0

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Guest myslee_ovi

ovi's WinDroid Project! V1.0


I have made a new theme and a new taskbar for Windows Mobile 6.5.x. At the moment there are 2 color models and 2 softbutton-styles.

More styles and improvements are currently in developement...

Softbuttonstyle #1:

screen08l.th.jpg screen01i.th.jpg

Softbuttonstyle #2:

screen07.th.jpg screen09.th.jpg

Colorstyle #1:

screen05v.th.jpg screen04v.th.jpg

Colorstyle #2:

screen06f.th.jpg screen02kh.th.jpg

There are some bugs in the black theme which I must still fix it before i make the first release.

The first release follows during the next days in this thread!


okey guys!

Here's my first beta-release of the project...

WinDroid Project! AnimatedCharge

WinDroid Project! Colorpatch

WinDroid Project! Fontpatch

WinDroid Project! TaskBar v0.4 WM6.5.x

WinDroid Project! Theme V0.2 WVGA


for a perfect style, you must install the Theme, FontPatch and the TaskBar. After you installed all and chosen your favourite Theme, you must install the Colorpatch to change the TaskBar Fontcolor. (you must make it every time you change the Theme)

If you would like to have an animated ChargeIcon, you could install the AnimatedCharge

Please post a screenshot you find any bugs or missing icons with a short description.

Bugfixes from you are very welcome!

Missing files:

Missing "new Network" Icon

Known Bugs:

Fontcolor/Background Bug in Manila SMS-Tab (support are welcome!)

Buy me a Beer if you like my work! :D


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The first Beta-Release could be found in the first Post of this Topic!

Have fun with it :(

awesome black theme. I hope you can make a wqvga for us, omnia users :(

great job sir.

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