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charger and battery

Guest grahame30

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Guest grahame30

hi all....... good result yesterday had a call back from orange after i emailed them regarding the tg01 charger and battery .

i had emailed them to say the battery was not hollding a charge.

power goes up and down like a yoyo .

blaged it a bit and told them my brother in law was an electrician and he did a power test on the cells and it failed badley .

orange woman told me yes the battery,s supplied are faulty then realised what she had let slip and tride to change what she said SILLY GIRL .

basicley thease are new batterys in from tosh . yipy !!!

so tuesday morning via curriour i get a new batt .

then i told her about the charger witch i did test and the power flucuations are a really worry there is no constant flow at all the current was just going up and down in sutch irattic way

i started to think somthing was not right as when charging via a usb laptop you get a good deep charge on the original battery .

so charger is naff !

and she agreed strait away to send a new charger as well = RESULT .

so the moral of this storey is contact orange and get a nice new battery and charger from orange at there exspence they no full well that there are problems with the tg01 and are not gripeing about replaceing items as it,s cheaper than replaceing the hole unit itself .

the mains mini usb charger when conected seems to have a lot of play in it so agine a probel when charging the usb / laptop mini usb sitt,s quite nicely

good luck guys

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