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24 Bit Media Player?

Guest bulj

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I'm looking for a media/audio player for my Touch Pro, that will handle 24 bit WAV files. So far WMP & Core Player do not like 24 bit, which is very unfortunate.

The Touch Pro only has 16-bit audio capabilities, so you won't get your WAV files to play....... :(

The spec sheet (http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=1306&view=1&c=htc_touch_pro_t7272_htc_raphael_100), says the following:

Analog/Digital Converter (Recording): 16 bit nominal quantization 

44100 Hz sampling frequency  

Digital/Analog Converter (Playing): 16 bit resolution

44100 Hz holding frequency

Looks like you'll have to convert the files to 16bit format if you want to be able to play them.....


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