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[ROM] Omnia II WM 6.1 ultra lite i lite SPB v3.0 154.7 MB RAM

Guest mirek190

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Jest jakiś sposób by włączyć opcje Xtra dla GPS? Jakoś nie mogę znaleźć w necie jak uruchomić tą opcję ani nie mogę jej odnaleźć w sofcie. Bez efemerydów GPS w omni ssie niestety.

Ed. Nie mogę wykasować posta, ale już znalazłem. Trzeba się dostać do "samsungowego" menu i w nim dogrzebać do opcji GPS.

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Hi, Mirek190.

How are you ?

Well, I have a Omnia I8000, with WM 6.5, nd the device version is:




I have an annoying problem, like all users of Omnia I8000, that duration of all calls, sent, received and lost, only can be displayed for today's calls. Any calls, beyond today, have the durantion changed by date.

I used the SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 and it resolved that problem but it's very heavy and big for to be used only to fix the call log.

Then, I saw, downloaded and installed your CallLog Samsung.cab but I don't know how to use it because don't appeared any icon of CallLog Samnsung in my Menu.

I don't know if I resolve that call log problem with other windows mobile dialer program or with a call log program.

Could you help me ?


P.S: Other peoples have the same problem. See this topic in forum:


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is spb allowed to be cooked into roms?? doesnt it coincide with the copyrights of spb??? lets hope its alright..

Thought the same... It's on the rules of the forum not to insert copyrighted software on the ROMs

ROMs must not contain any illegal 3rd party software (this includes trial versions included without permission)

I think it'd be better to remove that version...

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