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nobody consider to cook a tg01 rom?

Guest zhengwei

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Guest columbo

No we hadn't thought of that at all... (said in a slightly sarcastic tone) :(

...please, please, at least read a bit of the forum before posting. You will quickly see that, thanks to Toshiba, it isn't as simple as you seem to be suggesting.

Unless, of course, you know something we don't, in which case, you could be the first to try. :(

PS Sorry for the sarcasm, it's late and I'm still annoyed that Toshiba haven't fixed my phone yet...

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Guest kevinpwhite
In XDA forum many people are considering to cook a TG01 rom

nobody consider this in modaco?

Hi, You will find that it is mostly the same bunch of people on both Fora who are struggling to find a solution. At present there does not seem to be sufficient detailed knowledge of what is required to first dis-assemble an existing ROM into its component modules (or whatever the correct term is), reconfigure and then re-combine into a 'new' ROM capable of being flashed back onto the device.

There are a number of threads running on MoDaCo TG01 on this (in fact this was where the drive started, including a big upsurge of interest to create the new TG01 sub-Forum on XDA), but if you have followed the XDA ROM Development thread then you will have already seen most of the existing storyline. The original hope was that the extensive XDA community expertise with cooking HTC compatible ROMs would readily transfer to the Toshiba devices, but so far this has not proven to be the case.

If you have any information to add to the body of knowledge that will be most helpful.



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Guest serialkillazzs

main problem is that the dumbed rom image file in bin format needs decrypted!!

once decrypted and a method to flash files is found then cooked roms are go

just about to ask for decrypters now if anyone has any experience knowledge check out TG01 forum at xda developers forum

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