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Why no UP arrow key?

Guest 2 Bunny

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Guest 2 Bunny

Since my little "excursion" with the Samsung Omnia, I have since received an offer to get an HTC Diamond CDMA at a low cost, and was trying it out with some emulators, but I was disappointed to find that the device lacks an up arrow key. If you're gonna have left, right, and down keys, you NEED an up arrow! What is up with that?

Sorry just to start an entire thread to rant, but this is just ridiculous. Strange too, as nobody has ever complained about it (maybe I'm the only person using emulators on it that actually wants to use the up arrow <_< ). All I found in an internet search was people complaining about the right arrow key, which to be honest, I have never had a problem with ever before.

So, is there a solution? Obviously you can't fix a button that isn't there, but what I mean is, can you have a virtual D Pad? I tried that "G Controller", but it doesn't work right with the emulators, so maybe someone can find a different "virtual d pad" software program.

- 2 Bunny

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