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[HELP] Can't power on: SOD.

Guest PabloMDiez

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Guest PabloMDiez

I'm going through this problem for almost 4 weeks, just when I was away of a computer by 1 mile..

I was getting problems to connect to internet with my PDA, and nothing worked.

Then some apps stopped working (like Messenger, Internet Explorer, and such included apps) and I decided to format my phone by using the HardSPL method. Installed everything again, and then everything was working fine.

After a few days, the buttons stopped working: Couldn't answer calls, or use D-Pad, couldn't get off standby mode and so on. Every time I needed to use my phone, I got to hardreset the PDA, wait it to power on, and use it. It was VERY annoying. So, formatted again and installed a new ROM. Everything worked fine and after a few days, again.. Couldn't get off standby mode.

I read somewhere that it happens when the SD card becomes faulty. It was. I formatted the SD and copied all the contents again. Formatted again the phone, and installed everything again. After a few minutes (yes, minutes), the phone wasn't responding again. I got to plug the headphones and press the HF key and sometimes it got back from standby.

When phone is kind of.. "null", I can't receive calls. SMS are rejected. But the power, Bluetooth and Wifi light keeps blinking as it was active.

I'm using a temporary phone right now. I can't handle it anymore. But I miss my PDA :S

A bit more info: I'm using Spanish NiAX WM6.5.3 ROM. And first ROM was Spanish NiAX WM6.5.1. Maybe it's a ROM fault. I don't know :S


Thanks in advance..

PS: Read some other threads about this. Switched 3G/2G, changed SIMCARD and SDCard and still not working

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