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[CDMA][WWE][01.04.10]MoonscapeX's WMDROID ROM (Sense2.5:2012,WM:23544)[ONLINE]

Guest moonscapex

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Guest moonscapex


I am still working on this build. So far, I am about 5% done for the next beta release, 20% for the final.

I am creating a ROM for HTC Diamond CDMA, all carriers.


-The ROM now will have a custom installer, created by me. After the first boot, a customization wizard will appear asking what software you would like to install (games, Internet, etc.). Only one version of the ROM will be needed. If you want a clean, lite ROM, don't install anything.

-The ROM will include a custom XDANDROID build.

-New You will be able to download Ubuntu Linux for your CDMA Diamond

-Official features list coming soon...

Beta 1.5 (01/04/2010)

SMS Fixed

ActiveSync Fixed

Minor Tweaks

Beta 1 (24/03/2010)

The first beta release.

It's missing a lot, so only download if you are OK with flashing again in a few days.

The custom installer is in very early stages and not yet included in the beta. There is a download link below. Download and run on your Diamond.

To-Do List (For next Version)

-Custom Bootscreen

-Start Menu Icons

-Arrange Start Menu

-Manilla 2.5 Facebook and TV Tabs

-Finish Custom Installer

-Appearance Tweaks

Probably more...




I would like to thank OMJ for his kitchen, ElCondor for his theme and all creators of the included software.

I would also like to thank the XDANDROID team.


NEW Beta 1.5:


Installer Pre-Alpha:

4SHARED: http://www.4shared.com/file/248751828/1211...nstallbeta.html

If you can't download from the provided mirrors, PM me :)


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