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2.1 Erratic behaviour on the spica?

Guest Chad Petree

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Guest Chad Petree

Acording to gsm arena, 2.1 does not run well on the spica:

Erratic performance under Android 2.1 (noticeable lag in some apps)

"The general user experience provided by the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica running on Android 2.1 is pretty good, but the generally inconsistent performance is a pretty big issue at this stage. Apparently the handset is pretty well prepared hardware-wise (you can see the benchmark results below) but the software needs quite some further optimization.

Some of the apps are fine even at this stage and the interface is pretty snappy but exceptions like the camera and the gallery are too great to overlook. We will speak about that in more detail later in the review, but those tend to lag much more often than we would have liked.

If we had to guess we would say that the low amount of RAM (rumored 128MB) doesn’t allow much stuff to be cached and so needs to be loaded every time."

Can someone confirm this?

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