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Official Upgrade i5700 Galaxy Spica [March 2010]

Guest NJ31

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OFFICIAL UPGRADE I570EXXJCE - Android 2.1 - March 2010

In a first time, I apologize for my mistakes but I'm French...

So, this is a tutorial to upgrade your SAMSUNG I5700 Galaxy Spica in Android 2.1


I'll not be guilty if you damage your device !

First : write your APN adjustments (Home > Menu > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile networks > Access Point Names).

Normally, the APN are already included in this version, but in case, it could be better to write it !

I remind you that the upgrade installation will erase all your personal datas saved in your device ! Think about saving all this on your computer. (Tyhe SD card we be reseted as well !)

Well, now we will check if we have everything :

- The archive file called I570EXXJCE that you'll find in attachment. This contain a file .tar which is this upgrade.

- The flashing software called Odin. The 4.03 version is available in attachment. This is the most recent. But for flashing my device, I needed the old 3.95 version which is in attachment as well.

- The archive file spica_jc3, also in attachment, which will be our OPS.

- A computer (and not a MAC)

- A SAMSUNG I5700 Galaxy Spica (really ?!)


- Decompress the upgrade archive file (I570EXXJCE), our OPS one (spica_jc3) and the Odin one.

- When everything is done, download the SAMSUNG sychronisation software if it's not already done. When you will connect the Spica, it will permit Windows to install the drivers. You can use two different softwares : NPS (New PC Studio) and SAMSUNG Kies >download it here<

No difference between them : just the SAMSUNG Kies is the only one compatible with Windows 7 (the OS I'm using !) and it's more beautiful.

- When NPS or SAMSUNG Kies is installed, connect the Spica with the computer and leave Windows installing the drivers. When it's done, disconnect it from the computer and close the software (without forgetting the icon in the taskbar !)

- Now, you gonna do a "factory reset" (Settings > SD card & phone storage > Reset)

- When it's done, turn off your device.

- You will turn it on in "Download mode" : Volume down + Camera + End call key.

- A screen with "Downloading" in blue on a black background will be on. Don't be scared, breathe, this is normal, it means you've done it right ! Connect now the Spica using USB to your computer. Windows will search the drivers by it-self. If Windows find the drivers, you're lucky ! Because I had troubles with it !

If you're unlucky like I am, the drivers are in the file dvr5700 that you will find in attachment. You just need to decompress and paste it in the C HDD Root, disconnect your Spica and reconnect it (you don't need to reset it) and Windows will find the drivers on his own ! (Hopefully ! After all we've done...)

- Start Odin. It has to tell you that he recognized your device !

- You'll set the OPS and the Odin Package. The screenshot is the most recent version (the one which didn't work for me). In the 3.95 version you'll not have the "Reset Time".

- Click on the OPS button and search the spica_jc3 file. WARNING ! If you're using Odin v4.03, you'll find an OPS file called spica ! THIS IS NOT THIS ONE !!!)

- Tick everything in the options and click on One Package button. Select the upgrade file : I570XXJCE.tar (you'll see half-english half-chinese language windows. That's normal ! Click on ok !)

- Click on Start button to begin.

That's it ! It will not take more than 10 minutes and you'll have a beautiful device which perfectly manage the 3G !

If you have any problem, any question, you can contact me.







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Guest apmm17

Thx for this tutorial.

I have a I5700 but have already 2.1 but with a lot of crap because of the operator (tmn). Can i install this one to get a cleaner phone?

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Guest mittu1

Excellent instructions. I purchased an i5700 in Oman and it had 1.5 with no market place etc... Now i'm on 2.1 and full marketplace access.


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Guest krlos2011

many many Thanks for this post.

it works!!!!

I used on GT-5700L from Movistar in Colombia.

The firmware is multilanguage. Please DO NOT use "run as administrator" on ODIN ON WINDOWS 7.

Run it as normal user.

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