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Contact Mapping Issue on Android 1.6

Guest The Presentable Vegetable

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Guest The Presentable Vegetable

Well greetings first,

I've been trying to catch up with this kind of forums to make the most out of my 2 months old Samsung Galaxy i7500. So as far as i know, it's an outdated dream to have Android 2.* on our handsets (considering the silence of GAOSP), so just like most of you guys I'm using the latest leaked firmware (JC6) along with Drakaz' Galaxo 1.6.2 which is pretty neat in my opinion.

The most and only frustrating issue I have is; since I updated to a 1.6 based firmware my phone is unable to match the numbers with country code (ex. +905335555555) with the ones without it. (ex. 05335555555)

I'm not sure if there's any GSM provider sourced difference, but my provider sends the short messages with the country code, and regular voice calls without it. So if the contacts number in my list has the country code, incoming calls can't be mapped to the contact and vice versa; when I delete the country code and save the number like 05335555555, then there's no way I can figure out who the SMSs are from. (Having the numeral memory of a mosquito...)

This so-called popular issue might be already discussed in this forum in over 50 posts, but frankly I searched for any existing posts before opening this topic. Probably couldn't figure out the right keywords.

Any help or goodwilled directions to a possible solution will be greatly appreciated and apologies if my English was sloppy, rusty and disturbing.

Thanks already!

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