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auto-forward SMS messages

Guest serath

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Guest serath

Hi, all.

Been lurking for a long time and decided someone here must be able to help. I've had a blackjack II for quite some time and really loved it. Unfortunately it is getting a bit long in the tooth. Enter the iPhone. I bought this to replace my blackjack and am loving it so far. The only problem is that I need to keep both phones active for a little while until I decide if I really want to make the switch to the iphone. I'm very for of tactile buttons so this touch screen is feeling a bit annoying. Anyway, on to the question.

I know how to setup call-forwarding from the BJII, but i'm still not getting my txt messages. I was wondering if there is some software or a registry setting I can use that will automatically forward my sms messages from the BJII either to my phone or email? I would prefer something maintenance free so I don't have to start an application every time I have to reboot the phone, especially since I'm trying to wean myself off of the blackjack. So here's what I need: If phone is on charger and power goes out, phone dies, whatever. If I'm away at work, I call family member or neighbor to go turn on blackjack. Phone boots to home screen. All incoming SMS and calls are forwarded to my phone or email without further interaction.

I have looked at a program called txtForward for smartphones and it does exactly what I want, only it still requires me to launch the application every time the phone reboots. I really don't want the hassle of having to run that every time the phone is restarted, especially if i'm away and I have to tell one of the kids to turn the phone on. They can understand that, but navigating the screen? maybe in a couple of years, i hope :P. Is there a way to make this happen? It would really help me with this difficult decision of choosing a successor to my beloved BJII.


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