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Stock HTC Desire Rom's

Guest SgtDavePwnage

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That looks more like a simple update, not the full ROM. Anyone know if you can flash the generic HTC Bravo Froyo RUU and then flash this to give you a full Orange Froyo setup? Or at least something that would fool Orange should you need to return your phone? :lol:

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Guest Noonski

Jeez flashing all back to 1.15 (just to start from scratch and all :P)

It took a few Flashes, but i prevailed.

(Tip just run the RUU updater when it fails and gets stuck in Bootloader Mode)

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Guest buzz666
Any chance of getting the telstra RUU file as rom.zip? as I cant get the RUU files to work on my Desire.

maybe here...i saw one:


edit: sorry read again and i see you search for the original ruu as zip maybe use this kitchen...you can copy the zip you searched (open the ruu and search the disk for rom.zip) and make a new rom with this...


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Hi pals,

Anybody please get me arabic enabled Stock RUU(for middle east) for HTC desire(SLCD) , which i bought from Dubai.I have updated to android 2.2 from 2.1.

These are my present desire configs




Touch panel

Radio -

AUG 10 2010

Base band Version

Kerneal Version


[email protected] #1

Build Number

2.32.415.3 CL283905

Software Number


I would like to root my HTC desire.So as a precaution i would like to collect my stock RUU if something went wrong i can restore it right.? So please help me.

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Still no Orange (romania) rom ? ;) mine loop reboots when getting hot and i want to send it back to orange for warranty but i rooted it so ...

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Guest Shadow75
Still no Orange (romania) rom ? :D mine loop reboots when getting hot and i want to send it back to orange for warranty but i rooted it so ...

I sent my Orange phone back after 2 months of having it when I first took out my contract, and that was just after I had rooted it. After not knowing what I was doin I had bricked my phone, and I had no clue how to un-brick it!! But I have learnt a lot since then.

Just tell Orange that your phone has crashed and has stopped working and you have no idea why and they will send you a new one. They wont bother getting back to you about it being rooted, they will just send you a brand new phone out you that's if your on a contract. Do not tell them or say anything about rooting your phone as they will know something is up.

Sounds like it could be hardware for it to be overheating. What happened for it to start boot looping? And have you tried anything to fix it?

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Guest andysalmon



the very latest stock ROM?

Once flashed to a stock ROM (from an Orange ROM) can I then update OTA with future releases? i.e. when Gingerbread appears?

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Guest Pzyko

Does anybody here know where to find (if it exists) the Vodafone NL RUU?

Thanks in advance!

I just found out that the Vodafone UK RUU is the same as the Dutch one..

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Guest Raj Verma
Here are a few Stock HTC Desire Roms

HTC Stock





T-Mobile UK




3 Mobile






Fastweb (Italy)


SK Telecom


If anyone tracks down any other RUU files that should be added to the list please PM me :D

Correct RUU for H3G UK HTC DESIRE SLCD display

Sorry to bother you mate

but I hope you are the one who can help me out

I just installed the RUU from one of your thread on my htc deisre .93 Hboot, clockworkmod recovery radio rom 32.44, and then i installed RUU for H3G UK and now my phone’s display is gone as i can feel vibration, lights working but touch screen is not working

I am not sure if my touch screen is SLCD/AMOLED and there is not specified on RUU links if they are for SLCD/AMOLED.

Even I can not send it back to three.co.uk as I am not sure if on the phone three software is installed including recovery, radio etc or some custom rom.

I will be glad if you could reply to me and send me some link of both SLCD and AMOLED displays RUU.

Many Thanks


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Guest Raj Verma
There isn't an SLCD 3 UK RUU available, you'd need to use a WWE one and chance it. AMOLED RUU is:


But you'd have to downgrade first to be able to flash it. Downgrade guide here:


Thanks for your email

as I mentioned I think i have installed the wrong RUU on my phone so my display is just gone,

general advice what do you think if i will send it back to 3 uk now, will it be okay or they will find out that i was been messing around with my phone mean after this ruu has it already removed the rooting etc.


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Guest Red Sea
Can you explain me how to create one ?

Or at least how to create the img of the ROM and then I give it to you so that you build the .exe ?

(Orange FR)

Thanks anyway ! :mellow:

Do we have a Stock Desire/Bravo ROM RUU for Orange FR? I have almost bricked my phone (no gold card, sd card formatted, phone not booting up). Want to try with a Orange FR specific RUU.

OR can I get a gold card creation steps for a HTC Desire from Orange FR? (CID?)

Current setting:






Aug 10 2010, 17:52:18

Hboot not able to go through the bootloader cycle since the required files are missing/wrong.

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