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Tattoo, i-smart-sim and Vodafone problems

Guest arclife

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Guest arclife

Hi all

Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this. I've just sold my HTC Tattoo (which is locked to Orange) to a friend. I had been using this phone on o2, it was possible due to an ismart-sim that I had in there. I sold the i-smartsim with the phone so that he could use the phone with his vodafone sim.. but it is not working.

As the phone starts, it asks for his PIN code but then won't register on the network after it has powered up. Without the ismart in there, it rejects the sim card outright - so it is def having some effect.

The only difference we can see is the o2/vodafone sim that I have has only 6 connection points on it, vs the 8 on his sim card. Because the i-smart sits between the sim and the phone it will prevent these extra two points from connecting.

Anyone know why the vodafone sim is different, and if it can be changed for a 6 connection version?

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