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[ROM][WM 6.5] "Official" v1.00 [XIP/SYS 21854]

Guest frauhottelmann

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Guest frauhottelmann

I present to you:

Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard on the Rose

French, German, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, Czech, Greek, English, Dutch, Polish, Romanian

Pics (the way it *should* look like):


Please read everything before you ask questions!!!

The first boot (cold boot) takes a while - don't panic...

New SYS/XIP (CE OS 5.2.21854 (Build 21854.5.0.80))


- Marketplace (use it to get MyPhone and Windows Live)

- Titanium (improved from v1.1); a Titanium Slide theme (looks like Titanium, acts like CHome)

- WM 7 Theme (big and small)

- Titanium Neo

- Office (including OneNote), Games

- dotNET 3.5

- Rose xT9

- MoDaCo DoNew (with Office 2007 support)

- CHomeConfig

- MortScript

- Rinku's Iconbar

- BaseHue

- CHome Icon Color Changer

- PPCPimBackup

- SMS Inbox Threading Config (turn on/off)

- packages from Rose/Snap/Ozone/Captain:

  • Adobe PDF (2_5_1_0_359298_00)
  • ArcSoft MMS (5_2_18_29)
  • HTC AudioManager (2_0_19163627_R0)
  • Bluetooth Software (FTP 1_2_37637_9 and SAP 3_3_0_R2)
  • DRMMiddleware (1_5_19142824_00)
  • CommManager (2_9_6_1)
  • Connection Setup (from Snap 3_0_19192130_00)
  • CyberonVoiceTag (1_7_26_0)
  • DShow (2_0_19153627_00)
  • HTC Album(2_0_19134121_4)
  • Jbed Java Esmertec (20081002_2_1)
  • LockstreamDRM (1_2_081216_O9_05)
  • mHubVO (1_75_090820_X0)
  • PhoneCanvas_2G (2_0_32894_0)
  • PictureEnhancement (1_50_19171324_00)
  • Ringtone Plugin (1_0_19153628_00)
  • Quick Notes (1_10_18201322_0)
  • RSSHub (2_1_1_1084_01)
  • ShareDLL (1_01_19143331_01)
  • Sliding Panel (1_0_19123628_0)
  • StreamingSrcFilter (2_7_19162918_00)
  • StremingMedia
  • pvPlayer

  • Unlock Screen Clock (1_0_29011_0)
  • Volume Control (has to be activated through Start Menu -> Expert)

- tgetfile.dll

- a lot of registry tweaks


- Welcome Center

- SQM (customer feedback)

- Live Search

- Sample Music

- Skybox

I am not responsible for bricking your device! It's you who is flashing!!

You need to install the HardSPL first!

There might be bugs, if you find one please report here!

Download from MediaFire

This was a lot of hard work and I don't even have the phone, so please:


Donors so far (big thanks):

- Enricosteph

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Guest frauhottelmann


v0.8 -> v0.9

-fixed QuickGPS shortcut

-added a couple of settings items back

-added xT9-Settings to Start Menu\Accessories

-attempt to fix PIE

-added Opera Mini 5 Beta and Opera Mobile 10

-added Titanium Neo (thx greatbal)

v0.9 -> v0.91

-fixed PIE
v0.91 -> v0.92

-attempt to fix sd-card encryption

-attempt to fix USB-Mass-Storage Mode

-integrated reboot in Quick List

v0.92 -> v1.00

-fixed Band Select

-bug fixing

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Guest diepes

Does it work ? Will donate if rom works with exchange and Garmin gps software.

p.s. What does this mean ? "You need to install the HardSPL first!"

Don't i just run the exe in XP for the rom install ?

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