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HTC HD2 Update:- Improve Your Sounds with SRS WOWHD

Guest vinaymanro

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Guest vinaymanro

MoDaCo's very own Sector has begun tweaking the HTC HD2, and has just released a newer version of the SRS WOWHD application, to help you get the sound settings just right.

It's been released and tested on the HTC HD2 and allows you to adjust and tweak 3DEffect, Boost Sound, Bass, Treble and save them to Presets.

1. Install the CAB to \Device.
3. Soft reset your device.
4. Access it's settings from Settings -> System -> SRS WOWHD or Start -> SRS WOWHD

Version 2.1 change log:
+ Ideal settings for better listening experience thanks to donalgodon.
+ Internal stereo stays on after restart.
+ Added shortcut to Programs and changed icon to both Start/Programs and Settings/System locations, thanks to VeEuzUKY.

You might need to tweak it a bit to match your preferable profile. Please share your settings.
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Guest David Mc0

Interesting program - I think I'll need to test it some more, but using default settings, rather than improving the sound this seemed to be closer to destroying it!

I know it's subjective, but this made the sound louder & thinner - loads of detail was lost, and turning it off & increasing volume to make up for the amplification resulted in a far better listening experience, probably more like the producer of the music wanted.

Would be interested to hear other opinions, or advice on how to make it sound good, but my experience so far is not positive.

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