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USB brick/rickrolled/b0rked -> FIXED!

Guest IEFtm

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Guest dickohead

I just got this working on my HTC Desire with the Desire HD image (leedroid). I wanted to reiterate the steps, as I feel that the instructions were a little out of order (I got a tad confused at first):


  • Your phone must be rooted to try the following, it seems you can't write to mtd0 without root.
  • Your SD card has to work. For this, do "fastboot oem enableqxdm 0" at a command prompt while in fastboot mode (google search 'fastboot' if you need instructions on using this).


***Step 1***

Find out your CID. Go into fastboot mode, and type "
fastboot oem boot
" at the command line.

The log will say something like the following:

#INFOTAG:Ramdisk OK #INFOTAG:smi ok, size = 0 #INFOTAG:hwid 0x0 #INFOTAG:skuid 0x21F04 #INFOTAG:hero panel = 0x0 #INFOTAG:engineerid = 0x0 #INFOMCP dual-die #INFOMCP dual-die #INFOTAG:mono-die = 0x0 #INFODevice CID is not super CID #INFOCID is HTC__E11
In this specific case, the CID is HTC__E11.
*** Step 2 ***
Generate a custom mtd0.img at
- Using the CID from above; and - Your ROM number: From System --> About Phone --> Software Information --> Build Number (e.g.
*** Step 3 ***
Get flash_image from
or from here:
. Move both the flash_image file and the mtd0.img file to the /data/ folder by typing the following in a terminal emulator on your phone:
cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image cat /sdcard/mtd0.img > /data/mtd0.img
Now flash the modified image file using:
/data/flash_image misc /data/mtd0.img

*** Step 4 ***


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