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[Rom][32a][32b][3.22] CyanogenMod 5.0.8-t1 Stable/Fast 2.1 (06/03/2010)

Guest chrish2009

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Guest chrish2009

Seen this on XDA, thought some people may be interested as a lot of people are using 5.0.7. I take no responsibility for anything that happens to you device.Original Post <<Some screenshots there aswell

To be clear - this is the fastest and most stable eclair rom to date )

This is Cyanogen Mod 5.0.8 - Original Forum

This theme is my own based on dr.cloverdales black effects with xperia spinners and not all the things from black effects are present

This is for the HTC Magic (32a 3.22 Radio) and mt3g/dream/g1/magic/mt3g 1.2 w/3.5mm jack (32b 2.x Radio)

New radio (6.35) will be coming as soon as a stable cm kernel is available!

Instructions :

1. Flash (choose one)

Black Version

White Version

32b/mt3g 1.2 version - black (only use this if your using ebi0 radio like dream and mt3g 1.2)


2. use included setcpu to set overclock if desired - disable autorefresh and do not use active widget as may cause lag

also change settings in spare parts for colors to desired (I use white #ffffff)

3 : If want increase performance read pershoots blog regularly and flash his kernels

Droid Basement Blog here

CHANGELOG---- 5.0.8 (pre)

* Common: Complete music app overhaul by Eliot Stocker (http://github.com/eliotstocker)

* Common: Lots of translations by Eug89, thiasB, and takuo.

* Common: Customizable silent mode - Glenn Maynard (http://github.com/zewt)

* Common: More customizable colors for various parts of the system (in Spare Parts) - Wysie & Bcrook

* Common: Updated translations from Eug89, ThiasB, and Takuo Kitame

* Common: Wired headset hangup/mute control - Krazy Krivda

* Common: Updated USB tether and Bluetooth PAN tethering - Stefan Tomanek (http://github.com/wertarbyte)

* Common: Launcher wallpaper speedup and overshoot - kanged from ADW Launcher by Ander Webbs

* Common: Various minor bugfixes

* D/S: Multitouch and swipe added to legacy gallery app

* D/S: Long standing "disappearing icons" Launcher bug fixed - Glenn Maynard

* D/S: Fix acore crash when pressing hard call button - Glenn Maynard

* D/S: Fix issue where camera use kills all system audio

* D/S: Added antibanding to camera driver

* D/S: Fix bug where some wall chargers could disable the USB port

* D/S: Load the correct audio profile for the device to fix glitchy audio on Dream

My Modifications include

Clays reboot widget

brut maps







titanium backup


themed by me

adwlauncher 7.5

launcherpro 4.1


boot screen - frysee

bcrook,pershoot,cyanogen,dr.cloverdale - without them this would not exist

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