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[Tutorial]Setting Custom SMS/MMS Ringtones with the HTC Snap[Tutorial]

Guest leetguy

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Guest leetguy

So before you read on, sorry if this has already been posted. I just know I spent hours trying to figure this out and figured I'd save you guys the trouble :(

Okay so, in order to do this:

  • 1. Go to your file browser (Start > All Programs > File Browser) for Sprint anyways.
  • 2. Find the file you wish to make your ringtone, be it on your SD card or in your documents.
  • 3. Copy it (Menu > Edit > Copy)
  • 4. Navigate to your phone's App Data\Sounds folder (Menu > My Device > Application Data > Sounds)
  • 5. Paste your file there (Menu > Edit > Paste)
  • 6. Go to Settings > Sounds (Start > Settings > Sounds) and select the file as your SMS/MMS/whatever ringtone!

Hope this helps someone out :(

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