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[ROM][UK_ENG] ROM WM6.5 TG01_KPW - Radio Version 5001.0300.76

Guest kevinpwhite

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Guest kevinpwhite

Please note that there is a later edition derived from this ROM now available on XDA-Developers.

Here is a new custom but relatively ‘clean’ WM6.5 UK-oriented ROM based on the current Toshiba / Orange release (TG01WP_5005000167.tsw).






Win 7 style opening Splashscreen

Win Phone style animated Shutdown splashscreen

Colour Icon Taskbar with Windows 7 Orb [based on GFreek’s with various own amendments]

Classic Blue Theme


Custom Start Menu structure and Folder Icons

Power Off shortcut

.net Framework 3.5 [based on Arag0n85’s implementation in the original debranded ROM]

Audio Test (5.1 channel identifier)

Preset Registry Settings / Tweaks



UK Regional


Wireless G active


MS Office Mobile 2010

Google Maps

Arcsoft PhotoBase

Pictures & Videos

Camera with Muted Shutter Sound [To turn off Shutter completely use Novembre5’s .cab]

Video Editor

Windows Media Player

Games: Bubblebreaker, Solitaire


Storage: In Use – 38 MB Free – 224 MB

Programe: In Use – 118 MB Free – 87 MB


Orange everything

Video Player

Toshiba ‘Blinds’ UI

All remaining MS Themes [All available to install to taste if desired]

MSN Money, Weather Widgets [Available here: Money.zip and Weather.zip]


Cedesmith for the development of TGTool, without which this and every other ROM would not be possible.

arag0n85 for great patience as I learned to take baby steps and began to understand.

Farmer Ted for giving the key to unscrambling Start Menus.

GFreek for the original colour Taskbars from which this version is derived.

adzman808 for helpful injections of common sense.


1. Download and unzip the ROM below

2. Copy SDDL+ to the root of your uSD Card

3. Create a directory \prg on the uSD Card

4. Copy the ROM .tsw file to uSDCard\prg

5. Run Sddl+ from \Storage Card

6. Further information is available here.

Updated Version available at 18 Jun 10:



- Added animated Windows 7 Boot sequence; fully reworked and optimised for TG01

- Added discreet ‘quiet’ Windows 7 Boot sound (-18dB from standard)

- Deleted some further unnecessary files from the image


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Guest kevinpwhite
Tried now "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable"

It does work - just congestion on Megaupload. Suggest try again in due course and should be OK.

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k3jdi posted:

hi!i have the tg01 in french orange and i want to put this rom bcs i want to use it in english except this one was very nice.i tried to do it in both ways even from the mmc from the menu even with the method of 2 pin and it shows me that it's invalid file.can you me pls?

please double check if it's a reply botton or report botton

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Guest kapitango

I try it. It's veri orderly, and clear from every needless parts. Look very good. But the GPS receiver not work with this ROM. Please fix it and it will be my favorite ROM.

PS: Thanks to kevinpwhite for fixed GPS operation following problems to TG01_KPW100707.005 ROM.

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