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30/Jun r5 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for GSM Hero now with Online Kitchen - Android 2.1

Guest PaulOBrien

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There may be a short wait while the load balancing software determines the best kitchen to serve your ROM. The kitchen should appear below within 20 seconds.

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Guest rdejager
Tried updating google maps after flashing with this custom rom. The Navigation app freezes at "Checking availability ...."

You need to start maps normally let is find your location, plot a route in maps and from there start navigation, and tada. It will work from now on the normal way.

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Guest dfrag
I flashed the new radio and got the network locked error (my phone was still locked at this point).. so i just bought a code and unlocked it.. which worked perfectly..

Flashing back the radio would have worked too im sure.. but I like shiny new things.

So even if you do get stuck on the new radio for some reason.. as long as you also have something other than an orange rom on you can use a normal hero code at the worst. (if you have an orange rom on you cant buy a code as they dont work as orange have tweaked the algorithm - youd need to get it from the network themselves.)

I have this problem but I don't know if I'm using the Orange radio ROM or not, last OS ROM I had on here was Cyanogen mod. And I am unfamiliar with the "normal hero code"

Please any help will be appreciated.

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Guest oliwek

If someone is still using this ROM on his HTC Hero, did you try to add a twitter account and didn't succeed (oauth authentification failure, "bad password") using the Sense interface (during initial setup, or later)? Is there a workaround (other than to use alternative twitter clients)?

I also experienced an issue trying to add a hotmail account through MS Exchange interface (following this method : http://www.mydigitallife.info/how-to-set-u...r-and-contacts/ )

It worked on 2.2 and 2.3 custom ROMs...

thank you

for the twitter issue, it's probably related to : http://phandroid.com/2010/09/01/htc-peep-o...s-oauths-fault/

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Guest travisb

Just been given a Hero (locked to Orange) to play with. Installed the CRI, but everytime I try and flash a rom I get a verification failure - wrong digest: boot.img. I've tried baking a couple of times now, with the same result. Any idea what is going wrong?

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