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Entering your SIM unlock code

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Stephen J. Knill
I got my unlock code from my provider but couldn't get in to the menu (2945#*540#); it insists that there are no mobile networks available. This may be because I recently switched provider, thinking I had already locked the phone, and now I cannot access any mobile network.

However, I have also rooted the phone and am running 2.3.3... I wonder if this would have any effect? I recall that the above access code was used as part of the original rooting process when the phone came packaged with 1.6.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yer, it doesn't seem to work above 2.2 downgrade to a lower Android version to unlock.

Edit: It works on Stock ROMS only it seems.

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Guest markiemoo

hi can any one help

i have tried several place now and none of the codes i have treid worked.Plz any idea where I can buy an unlock code that works ? Mine is locked to O2

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Guest MeganRae16

Hi guys. to those of you who are wondering where to purchase unlock codes. I suggest UnlockBase, it's a very reliable unlocking site with the best codes available, it always works for me and never fails to unlock any of my phones. Entering the code is simple, just visit UnlockBase Unlock FAQ for more info. have a nice day everyone!

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Guest CraigJackson


I've came across a great service myself. Owning a GSM shop automatically implies that I'm constantly after decent services, so I do this most of the time. Anyway, it's UnlockScope, a service that was always on time and quickly helped me if I had any issues.

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