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Fake-flash by Koush, launching recovery on your device without a PC

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Monsieur_KaZe

Ahahah =)

Looks like Paul heard us and will work hardly on our pretty Legend :)

Things are changing for good!

Thanks for your help Paul :D

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Guest frullewulle
This is now updated and working... we got there, finally! :)


@ Paul

thaanks for the new version!

i was trying to get this fixed too, and i'm curious how you guys solved it.

is it about disabling signature checking?

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Guest Warrior Of Ice

Thankssss Paul!

Working great.

Is the flashing process more secure now?

Edited by Warrior Of Ice
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Guest exibo

hey hey,

i'm doing something wrong, but what :D(

1. i dowloaded this file: recovery-clockwork-legend.zip

2. renamed it to update.zip

3. copied it to the sd-card root

4. followed the prodecure discribed

when i apply this step: Select the second option, 'Apply sdcard:update.zip

i get the error:

E:failed to verify whole-file signature

E:signature verification failed

Installation aborted.

so what is this update.zip. think that the renaming from recovery-clockwork-legend.zip to update.zip is wrong

could anybody please help me?

thanks :)

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Guest inutero

Is it possible to format my SD for A2SD using this recovery image? I'm struggling to perform the format and can't figure out a way to do it :)

If not, how can I prepare my SD to use A2SD?

Thank you

UPD. Finally managed to get into the right menu to partition SD!

For some reason the phone didn't go into the custom recovery menu after running recovery-windows.bat while being connected in standard recovery menu. Rebooted my laptop, and everything went right.

Edited by inutero
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