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The HTC Desire, Legend will be getting Android 2.2 in Q3 this year, along with the HTC Wildfire

Guest zabak

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Guest svencux


i do have a rooted legend with Rodriguezstyle rom on it.

Now when Froyo comes out can i just use the OTA update? (i know i am going to loose root).

Or do i have to unroot and use original rom first to be able to get the froyo OTA uopdate on the legend ??


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Guest chinana

1st of all ... how to unroot my legend? ?

can anybody post me a link where teach me how to unroot my legend?


2nd thing is ... so there are no 2.2 on legend? neither froyo 2.2?

thx, bit confuse ...

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up...HTC completely forgets about htc legend users who only 3-4 months ago bouhgt a legend for "only" about 400 euros...this is disgusting!

Couldn't agree more. That's why I've pre-ordered a Desire HD - at least there will be a lot more support.

Let's face it, as far as the Legend is concerned these forums are dead dead dead.

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Guest lampux

Infact I'm abandoning htc legend too. I bought a htc nexus one. So I have the best supported phone on the market. Waiting for gingerbread :) While legend is still stuck to 2.1. Goodbye forever htc legend.

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Guest merQrie

Hi all!

This is in Swedish, but they have announced that Froyo will be able for Legends within a few weeks, :rolleyes:

The Arcticle is here (use google-translate 4 it if ya dont know swedish)


Enjoy :huh:

// merQrie


I have translated the arcticle for yo guys:

(This update is for the UNBRANDED Legend's out there)

"HTC: Legend may Froyo within weeks

Now HTC outs the new information on the promised upgrade of the Legend to version 2.2 of Android.

HTC has previously stated that the upgrade from version 2.1 to version 2.2 of Android for Desire, Legend and Wildfire would commence in the third quarter of this year.

As HTC has already updated Desire, they can be said to have fulfilled that promise, which is obviously irrelevant to the Legend user who is waiting for 2.2.

However now HTC wright on their Facebook page that Legend phones that are not operator-branded will be updated "in the coming few weeks".

In the case of phones, operator-branded versions, it says that the waiting time will be "a bit longer" because HTC's software must

approved by the operator-brand first."

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