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Guest DaanJordaan

Hi guys don't own a droid, but my dad does. He's on a holiday right now, but I got a text saying:

That his phone suddenly made the "SD-card sound" when he was taking a walk with the phone in his pocket.

Took it out of his pocket and found out that it did a hard reset.

Annoyed ofcourse he set everything up again, only to find out that his SD was also formatted. WTF?

He had some other minor problems before this, I found out that his battery was draining a little too fast as well

Hate to bring him the bad news that he should probably return the handset, but maybe you guys can help out. Couldn't find anything on guugle:(

It's unrooted and unmodified as far as I know, I do know that he installed the official wwe rom before the official dutch rom came out. But that shouldn't matter now should it?

Thanks in advance


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