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Guest zenderady

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Guest zenderady

I have a samsung gt i7500 but I'm sure the problem is android related.

After playing around with some roms and one time when I called someone he did not hear me and I didn't hear him, it worked only with the microphone and the headphones it came with. From there on reinstalled all possible roms versions and default versions and I always have the same problem.

Also I noticed that if I try to play music on the speakers I can't hear it.

Today I installed a new rom and saw the music DID work before making a call. But after the call with no voice/sound the speakers music didnt work any more either.

At one samsung shop a guy told me that he can't fix it but the internal drivers/software components are of different versions.

I think it might be the phone.tar file with an amss file inside that is badword up. Also someone says I may have a wrong/corrupted radio build. How can I check that?

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