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[SOLVED]Internet Data connection setting in SCH-i770 saga

Guest geruduk

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Guest geruduk


i just bought samsung verizon SCH-i770, i already inject with carrier in my country, IDN, voice and sms is normal, but when i try to make data call, it said username and password was wrong. i already use qpst, and qxdm to edit the userid and password in SIP NAI and SIP password. but after i change/edit those field and "write to phone", still appear username and password was wrong. i read from phone again, using QPST NAM programming the username still "[email protected]". it seems those item can not be edited. anyone have the solution for this?


Huurrraayy.... it's solved

Solved :

Using Qxdm, by editing PPP_username in NV items, it was written in Decimal, so need to be convert to hexa and convert again to ascii so you can read the username.

to write new value, you must convert your carrier username into hexa, and then convert into decimal and fill in the nv item and write to phone, make sure you sent spc code, default is "000000".

for saga users who almost desperate, better try it. hope your problem solved.

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