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What to do with my Vario III

Guest worcester4x4

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Guest worcester4x4

Hi everyone.

My T-Mobile MDA Vario III is my first and only WinMo phone. It's completely stock and I only use it for running Memory Map when I'm out and about.

However, I suddenly thought - "Why not see if I can unlock and improve it, and then use it as a standby phone?" I have a couple of O2 SIMS around that have about £40 credit on them so why not use them thought I?

Then I thought - "While I'm about it why not see if I can improve it?"

So I started reading on here and on XDA but all I've achieved is to confuse myself :lol: There are hundreds of threads touching on these subjects and some of these threads have hundreds of pages - I find it almost impossible to uncover a succinct and stepwise account of what to do and what are the best ROMs and Radios.

Sooo, I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction? What I want is this:

1) SIM Unlock the phone

2) Debrand

3) Install a better ROM / Radio

Ideally, what I'd really like is for someone to write, or point me to, a one post item that explains (preferably in WinMo noob language) what I need and what I have to do.

For example, on the subject of unlocking I found THIS UNLOCKER LINK on XDA but it's 2 1/2 years old and runs to over 100 pages! So is the first post in the thread still current and accurate and I should follow it? Or is there an updated method buried somewhere in the thread that I should use instead?

I end up going round in circles so could someone point me in the right direction please?

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Guest worcester4x4

Forgot to put this in the OP

My MDA VarioIII runs WinMo6.1

ROM Version WWE


Is there an unlock method on here anywhere that will work with this? I just noted that the XDA thread I referred to above states that it only works with WinMo 6.0. Is there a method that will work with 6.1?

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Guest awarner

Personally I do not visit XDA Devs as it can get very confusing to the casual viewer but there is a lot of information there if you have the time to wade through it.

For hassle free SIM unlocking for about £10 IMEIcheck.co.uk is the only place I use for unlocking.

As for flashing ROMs I never owned a Vario III so can not suggest the best one to use.

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