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JF5 leak at Kingmobi.net

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Sorry to reply in spanish but this guy is from Costa Rica like me, so I guess the it is better spanish for him too.



Soy de costa rica tambien.

Mira la ROM que yo puse fue la ulitma disponible la I8000NXXJF5

Pero unicamente debes actualizar la parte: EBOOT y la PDA, eventualmente podrias tambien la parte CSC pero ahi perderias las imagenes de inicio de kolbi y esas cosas.

NUNCA toque la parte PHONE ya que esa es la que tiene la informacion de bandas, gps, etc, basicamente el hardware.

Te recomiendo que veas este post muy bueno sobre las partes que componenen la ROM

Guia para flashear ROM


Ah y has un respaldo de todo incluyendo lo que tienes en la memoria interna de 8 GB ya que al cambiar la rom se pierdo TODO lo que esta ahi-

Cualquier cosa contactame.

Gracias bozape por tu respuesta. Voy a entrarle a ver que tal...

Pura vida!! :)

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MY I8000 cannot read sim card after flashing JF5, can only make emergency call only.

Check sim card which is working on my I9000, put in other people working sim card also cannot.

Tried to reflash to other version JE3 & JE1 the problem remain.

Got to flashed back to J9 version then get samsung service center one of these day.


Follow up of my I8000.

Sent to Service center few days back and they said they replaced the mother board!

Since it was just after warranty and I it was the first time sending in for repair, they will not charge.

Version receive is JE4.

Now playing with I9000! A different kind of animal!


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The xt9 input method just dont work after flashing for a while.

I mean the button just cant turn green when pressed and no any predictions of words appear

Did u guys encounter this situation?

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