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Adb remount problems

Guest Fire2fly

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Guest Fire2fly

For some reason I'm not able to use the "adb remount" command. If I use this command I got the reply: "no such file or directory" both on linux and windows. I suppose this is somewhere a problem with the phone but I can't find information on the internet. I can only find people who get a "permission denied" problem, and people who had this problem in Android sdk 1.5, but that problem is solved in a later sdk release. I want to use adb remount to remove wave secure from my phone, but that is not possible now. Is there anyone who can help me? So far I know i got this problem after installing Modaco r2. Killing ADB server and restarting it won't work, also restarting the phone is no solution. Flashing another firmware even with repartition on in Odin won't work. It looks like ADB can't acces the /system partition for some strange reason. Anybody has a solution? I'm getting crazy...

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