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Problem with Qtec 8310

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I have problem with one of my phones. I have Qtec 8310 and the phone when I start it on the phone start to reset himself... Restart after restart, restart after restart. Only restarts.

What I need to do to fix it? When I wanna connect it to the PC(I use Widows 7) the lap top don`t recognized the phone...

I don`t know what to do.

Help me please.

After the hard reset the phone stop restarting but blocked...

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Does your phone automatically turns on, when you put on the batery?? If not, try turn it into bootloader mode and reflash it. Here you can find Qtek shipped ROM


Try run with another battery

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I drop the phone and the phone turn off. Now I try to run it on but the display blink and make one beep and restart. Sometimes run and when I hold it a little bit harder around the display and the phone turns off. I open it to see in somewhere is disconnect from the MB but nothing. My last phone was the same and I didnt fix it. Now the same I think.

What can be the hardware problem? MB? Memory?

Edit: Now I try to run it on the lamp left from the speaker blink RED.

Edit: I make Clear Storage from the menu but the same problem. I try and HARD RESET now but I think the results will be the same...

Now I think the problem is from hardware.

Someone have an idea what can will be?

Edit: HARD RESET do the same(nothing). I will make this with the

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