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Mic/Voice Input button (also swype)

Guest DistortedLoop

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Guest DistortedLoop

I'm wondering why the Samsung Galaxy S doesn't have the mic/voice input button on the keyboard. That's supposed to be a big selling feature of Android 2.1. I really miss it from my Nexus One.

Also, this article from Android Police states that, and shows a picture of, the Galaxy S having the mic button on the included Swype keyboard. I don't see it on mine.

Does anyone have that on their phone? Which version? Swype?

Speaking of Swype, it's okay, but I much prefer the Shapewriter keyboard, it seems more accurate and user friendly than swype. Fortunately I downloaded it from the Market before it was discontinued and I was able to just pull the apk off my other phone and install it. No mic button on it, either. :-(

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