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Need Help With My Vibrant!

Guest parrmani

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Guest parrmani

So I sold my Nexus and got one of these puppies! Running into a few problems already

1)It's rooted, and first off SetCpu is not working correctly it keeps underclocking my processor to 19mrz :angry:! Making my phone not usable so I had to uninstall. I'm not sure if it's SetCpu or if its the phone stalling.

2)Last night before bed the battery was still at 68% so I didn't put it on the charger and it was completely dead by this morning.

3)Facebook and Twitter will not sync at all, I see my Facebook updates in the Feeds and Updates widget, but the contacts will not sync it keeps giving me a contact sync error, and twitter will not work at all.

4)Since it's rooted I want to delete some of the bloatwear on my phone, where do I go to do that?

5)I miss having a notification light, is there any work around for this? This is so stupid hello Samsung? No notification light? That's standard on all smart phones!

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