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SGS NO signal loss holding phone deep in left hand ;)

Guest fredphoesh

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Guest Kilack

Yeah..... the galaxy isnt without its issues though. I think they are both pretty good phones, comes down to personal preference..

My wife likes the galaxy but still seems to want to return to an iphone again, they aren't too bad once jailbroken... Definitely like the look of the iphone 4... just a shame it needs a case now :(

I prefer the galaxy of course but still am waiting for my perfect android phone to come along... ain't seen it yet..

This is what I want..

Fast cpu/gpu (galaxy has this)

Good camera, dedicated shutter button, xenon flash

Good body like the nexus one

S-amoled 4 inch screen maybe a resolution like the iphone 4...

good touch accuracy (like galaxy s)

no slow internal nand!

a trackball/joystick like on the nexus with lots of colours for different notifications, joystick would be great for games too :(

Quad band 3g, sick of these triband 3g phones..., i want international coverage..

dual mics for noise cancellation.

good loudspeaker

fwd facing camera


vanilla android

and all the other nornal things working well like gps etc...

not too much to ask is it? :P

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