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Root doesn't work?

Guest DarkField

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Hey guys!

I tried to root my optimus..

I type :SWIFT::GT540: and agree it.

Then the phone says "OK".

I rebooted it. But i don't have root permission.


.. Thank u!

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You don't have root permission when connect with adb or just apps who reqire root don't start?

Is the problem is with applications you need to install this: link

Follow the steps on page 11.

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My mistake.

First you must enable deveopment mode on your phone.

Setting>Application>Development mode (i think).

And then run adb shell

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I might go crazy...

USB Debug is on.

C:\Programme\Android\appinventor-extras>adb shell

* daemon not running. starting it now *

* daemon started successfully *

error: device not found


The Devicemanager of Windows show me Modems > LGE Android USB Modem #3

But it will disappear automatically if Windows try to connect.

LGMobile Support-Tool can connect to the phone. I can click the button "Start SW-Update" for 1 second.

Why will it disappear everytime?!

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Next time..

I have 20 seconds then it disappears.

I tried to type the commands in this 20 seconds in

It works.

I think i'll write a full tutorial of "How to root" :(

Thanks at all!

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