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Voice input on market apps not working?

Guest morfic

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Guest morfic

I had installed talking parrot on my vibrant (and then other voice morphers) when my daughter saw one on an iphone.

None of them worked, so i setup the mt3g for her and same apps work and do the silly playing faster to increase pitch thing.

So i figured my voice input doesn't work, period, but vibrant's voice search does what it's supposed to do, how's that?

The mt3g has CM6-0801, the vibrant is just a rooted stock Vibrant.

I see Voice Input & Ouput settings on CM6, so there's a difference, but since voice search works on vibrant, and the apps surely predate 2.2, so mostly wondering if this std 2.1 vibrant behaviour or if something is quirky since it's really just record + play fast that the apps do.

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