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vibrant keeps restarting itself

Guest danceponyboy

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Guest danceponyboy

ive had my vibrant for 5 days and its been great!

but about 2 hours ago

it just started restarting on its own

it boots up normal and then a message pops up that says "auto update time and date"

and then it restarts

ive tried wiping and restarting phone and nothing works

im using the vibrant stock rom

and my phone is rooted

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Guest danceponyboy

i figured out the problem

it was this game i had called "Hero of Sparta"

i installed it on my vibrant and i didnt know it was that app then

but then i started deleting my apps one by one

and then when i deleted hero of sparta the problem stopped

so then i added all the apps i deleted back

and tried to see if i could install Hero of Sparta but then after i installed the problem began again

and then i uninstalled it and it went away

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