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Guest adnan.htc.desire

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Guest adnan.htc.desire


Did somebody know how to remove/add apps from a rom before flash?

Until today i use HTC Desire and buy me now a Samsund I9000, and before on Desire you have to remove the *.apk files from the Zip.

But here in Samsung Rom's its all diferent, and i was not able to find where the files are saved/stored.

Can somebody provide how to do that please?

Many thanks for your effort!

Best regards,


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Guest adnan.htc.desire
you can always use titanium backup to remove unwanted apps from Galaxy S.

you mean apps which are included in the rom self? while, over a uninstaller(intergrated or 3rd parity) those apps are uninstallable..

ok, great to now, i will install it and try it out..

thanks for the tip..

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