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Customise Hardware Buttons

Guest Epic-Emodude

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Guest radament1

My Pulse's hardkeys are all messed up, basically the volume up is volume up + end call, volume down is volume down + back and the back button, well thats just random.

Could it be possible to softfix it by using your method? I mean, is it possible to tell the script NOT TO take volume up as end call?

Its kind of getting annoying :P

Btw, its a hardware fault, water got it bad.

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Guest iKrautDroid
I stopped development after I reached a setup that most people seemed fairly happy with. As I havent done any work on it in a while, I cant remember if the back button is mapped. I think it is tho. Use clockwork recovery to find out the key numbers for the back and end buttons, then in the file that mapps them swap them over

Hey, does this still work on cm6? I can't find any surf keypad files in the directory you mentioned.

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