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Possible bug or your Galaxy need assitence? Try the test..maybe you have the bug/problem..

Guest tanoxxx

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Guest tanoxxx

Test for Rom from jm2 untill JP3 (included)

Try to take 2 or more phones (also two of the important enough and manage to make calls with line / .. different numbers:

- Take a missed call on galaxy with a phone number (for example)

- Now go and see through Mosaic or through the curtain (by pulling down and clicking on the missed call) who called you .. We will win" phone number 1 "

- Now make phone calls to his number 2 ..

- Go through check or through the curtain mosaic (pulling down and clicking on the missed call) who called you ..

-My galaxy instead of saying the missed call "phone number 2 tells me the missed call" phone number 1 "..

- Maybe the first try but it all comes back several times to make missed calls on the galaxy and then go to see if you correctly say who called you ..

This thing seems impossible to me to be a hardware problem .. it seems to me a software problem ..

Because if it was hardware it would have done since purchasing the phone that mounts the Roma jf3 .. but everything went perfectly .. and continues to go well until the jg5 .. but from jm2 untill JP3 i have this problem..

Guys please help me to find out if this bug (or maybe no one has discovered it has any) if so .. that's pretty serious and nasty .. Otherwise, you have helped me understand if I have to really bring your phone service .. and I'll be grateful ..

After the test I can write how it went?

Pointing to Rom and outcome ..

Please .. miss only 2 minutes ..


Ps.Sorry for my English..

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