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how to install rom on milestone

Guest Roy1819

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Guest Roy1819


i bought the milestone few days ago

im very satisfied of this device

i bought from a guy that purchace it from Cellcom (cellular operator)

i unlocked it with some code that cost me 17$

now i use it with my cellular operation and it goes well

but the problem that all the apps of cellcom stay in the device and im cant find any use with it

im want to install a new rom

i was read a lot of guides i dont really sucess with it

i was root my device and it goes well

but how i can install a new rom and from where i can get a rom that fit to my device ?

Milestone A853



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Guest akusokuzan

You can't install any custom roms on the motorola milestone (GSM version) as the bootloader is locked. You can only install roms on the USA CDMA version, motorola droid.

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