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Optimus Boston

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Hi all;

I'm a bit surprised I haven't found this thread here in Modaco.

I own an Optimus Boston, aka Orange Boston, aka Gigabyte G-1305 Codfish, aka Apanda A60, aka several thousand clones.

Allthough there isn't any source code available, some custom modded rom's have been made for this device, however, development is a bit fragile.

I was wondering if there are any Boston owners around here, and if you would be interested in creating some development thread here.

Thanks in advance.


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I was just wondering the same thing. Sure, the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade has a much higher screen resolution and double the RAM, but at least it has the better camera, and you can get the Orange Boston for free with a contract.

I don't know about source code availability, but there are 2.2 and even 2.3beta ROMs around, if you search the net.

So why is the Orange Boston not present here at MoDaCo?

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