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Looking for Stereo speaker setups

Guest IAClark

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Hi, looking for some advice/recommendations.

I'm after some stereo speakers for my mobile phone(s). I have headphones but listening to music/books in the house - all wired up - just isn't the same. My specific requirements are:

Good quality: Goes without saying :P No particular budget in mind, I'm an avid believer of "you get what you pay for" ...

Portable: They must be small enough/light enough to be carried around

Rechargeable: Must be able to charge them via USB (either via AC adapter or PC)

Bluetooth: Must be able to connect to them via bluetooth

If anyone has any recommendations, experiences etc I'd be very grateful. I've been looking at the Devotec Industries speakers, which seem to fit the bill - anyone have anything good/bad to say about these?

Thanks in anticipation

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