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‘Sorry, the attachment could not be fetched’

Guest HGeorgiev

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Hi friends,

I’m looking for solution for some problems with e-mail applications on LG Optimus GT540 – problems with attached files, particularly.

In Google mail application in more cases I can’t download attached to the message files at all – if I push the ‘Preview’ button message – ‘Sorry, the attachment could not be fetched’ appear. There are space enough on the SD card.

In EMail I can download attachments, but up to some size – I have not determined exactly the maximum size, but the bigger document I success download was about 300K. In some case message ‘Attacment is too big’appear.

So, if I have to read some document about 600K, attached to e-mail message for example, the only working way is to use mail.google.com in the web-browser, but it is slower and not so comfortable…

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

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