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Experiences with the Toshiba AC-100

Guest bas-r

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Not really. :lol:



I read on your twitter:

Bad touchpad,

Disappointing batterylife,

Horrible launcher,

Too expensive..

Is there anything positive to say?

Could it be used as a portable email machine/document editor, or should we (the company) stick with the more versatile and sturdy HP Mini 5103, which costs round the same?


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Guest Chippy-Steve
Thanks for the advice bro.

My brief opinion:


Impresive battery life / weight ratio (note there seems to be a standby bug that is draining batt.)

Fast browsing for an ARM platform


Impressive 1080p playback

Hacking potential.

Froyo coming in Nov

Good keyboard and special keys


Incomplete 'Android' product (no Google apps)


Cheap plastics and finish

Browser is defintaley not 'full internet experience'

Launcher is poor (but can be ignored because of the huge amount of shortcut space on the hoomes screens)

Unstable Toshiba sofware.


Don't buy it to use as a day-to-day device. Hackers should take a closer look. (Paul?)

Froyo will help web-app suitability and hopefuly fix the standby battery life fault.

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I have a AC100.

Great battery live, browsing the internet is fine. Excellent keyboard. Nice e-mail program which can access exchange server.

Excellent display.

Good text editor missing. Very limit access to apps. Ubuntu port in very very very early days. Runs sluggish from sd card.

Overall I think this is a netbook in its original sense (weight only 800g).

Would by again but this time the 3G version.

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Guest sergiopi


Now we have 2.2, Froyo.

Shockwave Flash, speed increase, cheaper, same great battery, you can install Dolphin Browser 4.41! Flash could be on demand (faster browsing)

Great device, cheap, I use my Desire as access point, documents to go full version.

Screenshot as system application, Rockplayer and Toshiba media Player, good video experience


Lack of Android Market but Google is your friend, just download and install the APK. Still have a standby bug, (it has a "self wake up") and the best battery saver is "turn it off wen not needed" :-)

A real good experience I will suggest it to experienced users!

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Guest smethrony

In my opinion the AC100 is such as device. It's neither a netbook, tablet or smartphone but tries to be a little of all and does not quite pull it off. There's no doubt fundamentally the AC100 succeeds on this front, there are some issues

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